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Our Culinary Story

Step into our world and evolve with us

The evolution of Good Taste has been an organic journey.

What began life as a 200-page, lifestyle magazine has now morphed into an interactive, online platform offering authoritative, informative and readable round-ups of the best life has to offer.

Mindful of sustainability and the impact we are making on the environment, we felt the need to move away from print and focus on the digital world.

The emphasis is on food, lifestyle, family values and quality lifestyle, whether the latest recipes, fashion advice, dinnertime inspiration or entertainment news. It has a down-to-earth, family feel and publishes daily, keeping up with the latest trends.

Born in October 2010 in The Middle East, Good Taste the magazine was snapped up by families as soon as it hit the shelves, bringing the household everything it needed to know to help get the best out of life.

From helpful home buys and ideas for school lunches to fashion trends and luxury travel highlights – it was all packed in.

We are conscious of the environment and our health, so are moving towards a healthier and happier future by reducing our carbon footprint.

We're taking our consumers with us on a beautiful journey of global wellness, to help the environment by working with products that use sustainable farming methods.

Our aim is to conserve and protect our waters and our planet, and reduce energy consumption.

We want our products to come from responsible farming methods because what we feed the earth and the animals is also what we feed our bodies.

Over the years, we’ve seen that while current farming practices have produced cheap food in abundance, they carry hidden costs for the health of our planet and its people.

As a result, we are making it our business to work together with our suppliers to minimise these impacts, and positively influence the environmental and social outcomes of doing business.

Good Taste prides itself for wholesome living, inside and out, for you and our future.