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About us

Changing the way we eat

Good Taste is an innovative brand, bringing families together through the love of food, while offering great value, every day, with our partner MegaMart.

The backbone of Good Taste is a wholesome belief the meal table is the beating heart of every home, brought to life by pioneering people with visionary ideas.

From the very beginning, our driving force has been to offer our customers the best value and service – to help them to shop, save money and ultimately live better with the people they care about most. It's an innovative groceries and household products retailer with big ideas and an even bigger heart.

A lifestyle website with the power to provide more than 7,000 products, including fresh, household, beauty, home and household necessities – at just the click of a button, Good Taste is an online shopping platform with punch.

The world of Good Taste aims to inspire on a daily basis; whether trying a new recipe, shopping for a fashion look or catching up on the latest news reports, we seamlessly link food shopping and lifestyle through written, video and audio content. Everything is presented on screen and delivered to your door the very next day.

Whether providing inspiration for family meals or collecting 100 per cent recyclable meal plan boxes from your doorstep, Good Taste is an innovative initiative. The final online word for food shopping and delivery, blended with lifestyle news, features and recipes.

Additional services include daily meal plans, created from scratch by our trusted team, providing a fresh new take on the way we shop. From busy people looking for fast, efficient service and parents searching for healthy meal plans, to foodies and home chefs looking for a new challenge, Good Taste delivers.

We welcome you to explore, take inspiration and enjoy the convenience of home delivery so you can live the Good Taste life!

Good Taste offers free grocery delivery on all orders in Bahrain.